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The correlation analysis of surface thermal environment and settlement characteristics in the hilly city

LYU Zhiqiang , PANG Rong , ZHU Jinsheng , DENG Rui , SHEN Liping


Received December 02, 2016,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 04, 2017

Volume ,2017,Pages 60-71

  • Abstract
Taking urban district of Chongqing as the research area, we analyzed the relationship between urban settlement characteristics and the surface temperature by using remote sensing image of Landsat 8 sensor OLI and TIRS as data source. The results show that the spatial distribution of the urban thermal environment is significant different. The elevation plays a much more role in affecting the urban land thermal environment than the topography The correlation between underlying surface parameters and the surface temperature show the piecewise linear relationship. The hot intensity of different land use types and thermal variation are significantly different, and the temperature and its variability of construction land are the highest among different land use types. In addition, the average temperature of water is the lowest, but its temperature variability is the highest. The grid analysis shows the water has obvious Cold Island Effect while the construction land has obvious Heat Island Effect. The increase of cultivated land and natural plant coved land stabilizes the analysis gird unit temperature.