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Flow simulation of ore and rock and structure parameter optimization of ore drawing of high stage block caving with multiple funnels

ZHU Zhonghua , HU Jie , TAO Ganqiang , WANG Liguan


Received January 15, 2017,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 04, 2017

Volume ,2017,Pages 49-59

  • Abstract
To master flow characteristics of ore rock of block caving with multiple funnels, the basis of stochastic property medium theory was presented. Based on the arrangement of ore drawing level, a simulation model of high-stage and multi-hopper discharge was extracted. Three probability models, i.e. four-block model, six-model and nine-block model, were used for different ore drawing boundary conditions. The particle flow data structure and null-block transfer model were established. The flow simulation process of ore rock flow of multi-funnel ore drawing was designed. The simulation program was developed with C++ programming language and hoops visualization toolbox. And flow characteristics of ore-rock under different funnel spacing were obtained in 3D visualization environment. It provides reference and basis for the design of bottom structure parameter and ore drawing control, and provides the basis for the preparation of the following ore drawing scheduling.