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The analysis of China wind power industry

WANG Changlu, WANG Weigong, ZHANG Liyong and QIAO Xuetao


Received November 09, 2014,Revised , Accepted , Available online July 01, 2015

Volume ,2015,Pages 148-154

  • Abstract
The development course of China wind power industry is reviewed by six stages. National policies on wind power industry are elaborated from the aspects of laws & regulations, planning, finance & taxation and electrovalence policy. And these policies have played an important supporting and regulating role in the development of wind power industry. The development status of China wind power industry is analyzed based on wind turbine installed capacity, wind power output and their growth rate. It is explained that national wind turbine manufacturers have kept developing and become strong by the data of new global installed capacity share of mainland wind turbine manufacturers in 2013 and the new global market share of 8 domestic enterprises among the world top 15 wind turbine manufacturers. But there are still 5 key problems which influence the development of national wind turbine need to be solved, including lack of top-level design, abandon and restriction wind power seriously, lack of R&D abilities, some of the key parts relying on imports and wind turbine facing a quality guarantee dilemma. Taking Sinovel Wind Group Co. Ltd. and Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co. Ltd., the two leading companies as an example, their performance is analyzed and it’s pointed out that the wind industry must keep vigilant after the overspeed development. The enterprises should try to avoid neglecting cultivating their inner core competitive ability, including technology advancements and products reliability. Occupying the market with low price competition and expanding blindly is also not desirable. At last, the development prospects of our country’s wind power industry are analyzed and three proposals are put forward.