Volume ,Issue 5,2017 Table of Contents

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Cloud manufacturing resources semantic description and service matching strategy[Abstract][View PDF]

A dynamic ice melting decision method for transmission lines considering outage risk of power grid[Abstract][View PDF]

Unilateral NMR sensor for assessing the aging status of composite insulator sheds[Abstract][View PDF]

Study on the laminar burning velocity of syngas based on OH-PLIF technology[Abstract][View PDF]

Numerical study on the stiffness of corroded beam based on the cohesive model[Abstract][View PDF]

Vertical vibration modal analysis of long-span prestressed secondary beams floor system in gymnasium[Abstract][View PDF]

Flow simulation of ore and rock and structure parameter optimization of ore drawing of high stage block caving with multiple funnels[Abstract][View PDF]

The correlation analysis of surface thermal environment and settlement characteristics in the hilly city[Abstract][View PDF]

Multiple gateway nodes selection of DHT-based hierarchy model[Abstract][View PDF]

Fisheye-view-based visualization of trajectory data[Abstract][View PDF]

An i-vector speaker recognition method based on spectrogram[Abstract][View PDF]

Application of improved particle swarm optimization to numerical function optimization[Abstract][View PDF]

Influencing factors on the hospital informatization[Abstract][View PDF]